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Grant #114521 to Beeston Chilwell Area Mutual Aid Group

Fridge Freezer

Grant #114521

Submitted by Mr Anthony GreenApproved by Laura Ross

Dec 19, 2022

Request Details
 Hi there, I would like to request some financial help to buy a working second-hand fridge freezer for myself. The one I have at the moment broke and stopped working properly over a week ago. I'm currently signed off from work for over a month now due to suffering a heart attack and had to have a stent put in my heart. I'm finding it really difficult supporting myself and my dog Lootch (my best mate) on sickness benefits and cannot afford even a second hand item and then a concerned neighbour told me about your charity that helps people like me. I can get a decent second hand fridge freezer for £30 and I really do need one soon as the food I struggle to afford is currently spoiling and going off very quick as I have no proper way of storing it. I also get help from a local food bank and feel really guilty as some of the food I am given is being wasted because I have no working fridge. As a consequence I am missing meals and the doctors whose care I am under say I must eat healthy regular meals to recover from my heart attack. I'm in a really difficult situation at the moment and need your help desperately. Please find attached proof of my current address and post code. 
Many thanks, Tony   
£30.00 GBP

Total amount £30.00 GBP

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