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Invoice #162146 to BEYOND TREES

Planting of 3305 trees

Invoice #162146

Submitted by Raj MohanApproved by Piotr Lesniak

Sep 20, 2023

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Planting of 3305 trees in Raigarh, Maharashtra, India with Kindness Unlimited
Date: September 20, 2023

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BEYOND TREES@beyond-trees
£3,640.57 GBP

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By Raj Mohanon
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£3,640.57 GBP

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Expense policies
Our funding is used to support and initiate tree planting projects in the UK and abroad. A portion of the funds will be dedicated to support self-awareness and wellbeing programs. 

Expenses will include but not limited to:

This relates to all costs associated with tree planting, and may include the cost and transport of trees and materials, site survey, ground preparation, equipment hire, insurance, and labour costs. The majority of the funds will be dedicated to this aim. 

This relates to all funding dedicated to support self-awareness and wellbeing programs. For example, past support has been given to the London School of Self-Awareness for their ongoing commitment to meditation events and talks that promote mental and emotional wellbeing.

This includes the expenses for the hosting platform, basic marketing costs, PR, and personalized features for sponsors.


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Collective balance

£3,640.57 GBP