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We hope to provide the sangha with a sustainable, member-driven income. The BEST way to provide that stability is through a monthly contribution th... Read more

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Cultivating a Liberatory Financial Practice

05:30 PM UTC
An event series inviting us into a deep engagement around our relationship to money both as indiv...Read more


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What is the Community Fundraising Drive?
     Bhumisparsha is a vibrant, dynamic spiritual community that thrives on the participation, wisdom and experience of its members. In the tradition of different lineages we seek financial sustainability from the interdependence of our community. Although we are working towards non-profit status, we recognize that many models of non-profit fundraising work in a capitalist framework and reproduce the harms of a capitalist system. We are in the process of articulating our values around how we can engage with money in a way that does not reproduce this harm. As a first step, we are attempting to raise funds through monthly community donations. 
   We value transparency. We are seeking to raise approx. $7,500/month in sustaining donations. See our expenses here: Bhumisparsha Expenses. We recognize that some staff require financial compensation to ensure their active participation, dedication, and livelihood while others have access to a financial situation where they do not require that. Bridging spiritual practice and social change, Bhumisparsha seeks a financial model which:
  • Is built upon the principles of interdependence and the generosity of giving and receiving
  • Equitably supports the activities of the teachers and staff, paid and volunteer
  • Enables participation of those who wish to attend teachings and events, regardless of their ability to pay 
   We honor that each person has a different capacity to give (in part based on their position, their history, their relationship to and their access to financial resources) and that the amount does not determine that person’s value in our community. 
   The invitation is to use this as an opportunity to deepen one’s practice. See our SCHEDULE OF EVENTS that focus on uncovering a liberatory financial practice. 

Please note: while one time contributions are helpful, in order to be sustainable for the long-haul, we benefit from reliable, consistent funding that will be there every month. For this reason we strongly encourage people to choose a monthly amount that feels sustainable for them that will also lead to our sustainability as a community. 

How do I know how much to give?
This is a question each person determines for themselves. Here are some potential things to consider: 
 -Is there an amount that feels aligned with my values? What are my values around money? 
 -What is my capacity to give? Do I often give more than my capacity? Do I often give less? Is there a go-to number I fall back on? Where does that number come from? 
 -How well resourced am I financially? Will I notice this amount? Will it disable me from caring for myself and others? Will I not feel this amount at all? Will it cause me to stretch to a level that feels expansive or contractive? 
 -Where do my financial resources come from? How much financial privilege do I have based on my race/class/gender/family/ability, etc? 
 -What is the basis of my giving? Do I give because I am an active member of the sangha? Do I give as an effort to redistribute resources in a more equitable way? Do I give as an expression of my gratitude? Do I give because it feels joyful to support the community in this way? 
 -What amount feels right (neither too much nor too little) to me, knowing that generosity includes the flow of giving and receiving?  

What if I am unable to support the community financially?
There are many different ways to support Bhumisparsha, be it financially, by giving your time to support events or by showing up and sharing your practice. Please email [email protected] for more ways to get involved. 


Transparent and open finances.

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