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English / Bike!BIke! Everywhere! 2023 end of the year updates
Published on December 22, 2023 by Leo

Hello Community,

2023 was a year to think how we envision the internal management of B!B!E! We want to share our thoughts on this with you:

But first, what it's B!B!E!? B!B!EB! is a virtual conference created for the bicycle community collectives that emerged as a virtual response to the annual Bike!Bike! event, which couldn't take place due to COVID-19 restrictions.

1. What did we achieve in 2023 and how did we use the funds?

Unfortunately, we didn't host the virtual meeting in 2023. Instead, we internally discussed how to manage, systematize information, and plan the event in a way that easily incorporates new volunteers. We used the funds to maintain the domain and hosting of the website, where we announce the meeting, and upadte with info before and during the events. The remaining funds will be used for B!B!E! 2024 management.

2. Challenges, lessons, and team growth at B!B!E!

The year 2023 posed unique challenges. As the management team for B!B!E! 2022, we knew we have to reach more volunteers, and get new people to cover all the roles required for the event. Our efforts were focused on consolidating existing information from previous events, aiming to systematize and create materials for potential future event organizers. Although we called for integration and promotion of event management in 2023, we realized that the involvement process and experiences from previous calls required more time. Therefore, we decided to host the event in 2024 giving more time to the new management team to get things on order, focusing our energy on creating a suitable management space for the new volunteers in charge of  the upcoming Bike!Bike!Everywhere! 2024.

3. Plans for 2024

We're excited to announce B!B!E! 2024! The year 2023 allowed us to concentrate on internal management, and we plan to host the virtual gathering in 2024. Calls for volunteers, speakers, and the communication plan will take place in the first semester of 2024, with the event tentatively scheduled for November 2024.

We still face challenges, and you can contribute in these areas:

  • Technical support team.
  • Management team for French speakers, a gap we've had since the beginning of the gathering for French speakers in Canada and other parts of the Americas.
  • Management team for Portuguese speakers. Our focus is on the Americas, and Brazil, with its immense energy and interesting things happening  is a place we'd like to include. Facilitating language is one of our challenges.
Thanks everyone for the support. A lot it's coming for 2024!!

See you in 2024