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Catering service

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I'm from a small country town call Greensboro Ga where I was raised by a single parent with six siblings. I made my first pan of cornbread at the age of 7 yrs old and I haven't look back since. When everybody wanted to play outside I was more interested in doing housework and cooking with my mom. My mom was the strongest woman I know and she never complained. I was taught not to use recipes because that was somebody else's own cooking passion, her favorite thing to say was "Season until you can smell the seasoning" I decided in 2017 to start my own catering business and my mother was so proud. This platform has led me to meet many amazing people, Whether it was a wedding, birthday party or a special event. I'm at peace when I'm cooking and serving others it makes my heart smile. There's so many years under my belt and I'm still being amazed how much I still love cooking. I was asked "Are you still passionate about cooking" It's the only place I feel my mother is still with me and I will continue to bring special moments, laughter, love and family together through my food because of her...

The legacy continues,
Rest in peace "MOM" 12/27/22
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