Open Collective
Open Collective


In doing our mutual aid work we have become painfully aware of specific needs both for the community, and for the growth of our own projects. Some have been obvious since the beginning, such as a community kitchen, and meeting space. Others have only revealed themselves after much community organizing such as medical clinics, and legal aid. Some are continuations of work we've been doing, like harm reduction and food delivery. 

Others are big and new ideas for our collective, such as an eco village and a shelter. After another winter losing people we love to the streets, and with a hostile political climate in town, the need is clear. We now endeavor to yet again solve our own problems. 

If we need safe spaces to exist, live, and thrive....we must build them. If we want stability for our community...we must obtain it ourselves. So we have spent many months debating, calculating, meeting, and developing this plan for a community home base that starts to meet our needs.

We hope you join us in realizing this dream and pushing our radical love and collective care to new heights.