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Black Music Summit is a social enterprise invested in the celebration and global development of Black music talent. We are currently raising funds to resource the project with talented executives from the Black creative community.

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To launch the first-ever Black Music Summit, we'll need to hire a talented team of executives and would love for them to be of the Black creative c... Read more

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To develop a powerful online community supporting the Black music industry.
The first Black Music Summit is set to take place on the island of Ibiza in Summer2023

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The Black Music Summit is a social enterprise invested in the global development and celebration of Black music talent. 

We stay shining.
Stay innovating.
Stay creating.

Our creativity is widespread across the music industry and beyond. But for too long our work has been consumed and commodified, without us receiving true equity.

Behind the scenes, Black people hold just 4% of executive jobs in radio, and 3.3% in live music. 88% of Black music professionals believe there are barriers to career progression. 

It seems everyone loves our work until it’s time to make space at the table. We’re carving our own table and coming together to celebrate, inspire and develop Black talent.

Are you ready to challenge underrepresentation and champion true equity?

At the Black Music Summit, we’re forming the key networks to enable you to thrive. You’ll get the chance to meet other creatives and music lovers through live performances, panel discussions, keynotes, workshops, events, club nights and so much more.

All you need to do? Is join us.

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