Open Collective
Open Collective

Black Trans Texas Connection

BTTC has offers and supports emergency relief grants, direct support services, as well as creative, community, and economic resilience programs at The Thrive House. The purpose of Thrive House is for Shelter Black Trans Women




BTTC core principles are extensive and by no means is this inclusive of all of our principles. BTTC believes and is dedicated to promoting strategies that:
 – empower the most oppressed Trans community members
– do not reinforce or legitimize systems and institutions that harm our community members including police, prisons, mass incarceration and modern slavery
– divest from people, institutions and systems that harm us and invest in the people, institutions, systems and other models that support our liberation and empowerment
– use a diversity of tactics to promote harm reduction, political education and non-cooperation as strategic visions
– Understand if any of us had all of the answers we wouldn't be doing this shit.
BTTC believes in holistic solutions to the problems facing Trans and Queer communities that target systemic forces and root causes. 

BTTC believes that we will not be free until the most marginalized amongst us are free, and that by prioritizing solutions that support folks facing multiple intersecting forces of oppression will lead us all to liberation. 

Most importantly, we believe that those most impacted by these issues need to be the ones calling the shots.