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A resource for artists to get inspired and connect with their community by trading and donating art, supplies, and other resources


Bianca Gomez 

Artist Statement  

My work explores the diversity of people’s work as artists and the uplift of my  community. A lot of my influences come from others around the city who have similar  missions with their work, such as Creative Grounds and Revive San Bernardino.  

I was captivated by the local art community and after high school I decided that I  would get involved as well. I never even really knew about the life blossoming in my  city until I met Amanda Jade from Keep Your Crown Right Salon. She helped me  introduce myself as an artist and let me know what was happening around the city. So,  what started out as a small time painting gig, soon turned into an aspiration to be a  part of the uplifting movement.  
Everyone is so unique. I love meeting other artists and being able to see their process  and emotions put into their work. I love being able to give other artists a platform to  express themselves and give what Amanda gave to me to start my art career. 


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