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Learning about a city and its future through the artist that navigate its spaces on a daily bases.


Adan Miguel is a filmmaker and film photographer originally from Salinas, Ca, now based out of Riverside, Ca. Adan received his Bachelors of Arts in Cinematic Arts and Technology from California State University, Monterey Bay. His approach to art is rooted in documentary and cinema verite. His most recent editing project, Vamos Alisal, documents Alisal High School football players and their recollection of their 2010-2011 season. They strive to represent a predominately migrant farmworker community with pride and resilience and show their community they're capable of excellence. Recently, he's developed a passion for documenting and archiving people and places in the Inland Empire through film photography.

Project description:
It's a series of video portraits highlighting artists. Artists have a knack for absorbing and interpreting issues in a way that shares a message or voices a concern. We're delving into their connection to the city and the personal experiences that shaped them as individuals and artists. I want to know the moments that impacted them and their own perception of the city in relation to themselves. I will be asking about their early upbringing, their adulthood and how that has brought them to the work they're doing now. So I want to give a different perspective from people who have settled and cultivated a strong community. I hope the impact of their voices help inform neighboring communities that San Bernardino also has a community strongly committed to developing change and growth.

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