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Open Collective

City of San Bernardino Mural Archive and Exhibition


Documenting a piece of San Bernardino's history through exploring and documenting the many vibrant murals and public art in the ciyt.


Project Summary:
I will be conducting research on San Bernardino’s past so I can have a better understanding of the city.

The second part of this project is to scout the city of San Bernardino for murals. During this phase, I will conduct detective work about the mural such as: when it was painted , who painted it , who designed it etc and talk to the people as well of where these murals or public works are located .

Finally, once I have my research and photographs the final stage of this project will be to host a photographic exhibition of All the murals and public works in a gallery setting and respectively give credit to the creators .

Artist Bio:
Edgar Perez Peña (He, His, Him) is a Queer identifying Chicanx contemporary figurative painter, sculptor and photographer who lives and works in the San Bernardino County. A native of Los Angeles California, his paintings, assemblages, and photography displays his fascination about how gender is performed, constructed, reinforced, and deconstructed, by utilizing his bydy as well experience as inspiration for his concepts.
He knew that he wanted to be an artist before he could fully read. In his senior year of high school, up to his last year in college, he took several opportunities to curate, exhibit, be published, create public artworks, internships, and teaching art. At this moment he is working on several projects such as; paintings, drawings, commissions, group shows, publications, and working to earn his Masters of fine arts degree. Hopefully, earning a teaching position at University or College while still doing everything that he loves to do in the diverse, safe and creative community that he is part of.

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