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The Great Crate Connection


connecting youth, residents and the unhoused through creative art projects


Project Description:
My vision for my artistic contribution is titled,The Great Crate Connection.  It will be centered around fifteen crates that are filled with art and items of use to each social group that I am trying to reach.  It is an artistic exercise in the interconnectedness of individual and community based actions. I want to demonstrate how small supportive gestures can ripple throughout the city. I want to start with encouraging the youth to be creative, to get out and explore their environment and to share their vision with the city.  In order to do this I want to supply them with as many ways to experiment artistically in their own way. Residents (especially the youth) will be encouraged to sign up to receive one of the fifteen crates as it travels from community member/activity/theme:
  • Crate Connection #1 for youth- Arts and Crafts and resources on youth programs
  • Crate Connection #2 for Homeowners- Artistic Housewarming Gifts and info on city resources
  • Crate Connection #3- Art to encourage and vital supplies/Unhomed

Artist Bio:

Jessica King is a San Bernardino Photographer, Painter and Found Object Artist.  She has her Bachelors of Fine Art with an emphasis in Sculpture and a minor in Women’s Studies.  Jessica studied under Richard Johnson at California State University San Bernardino graduating in 2003.  

Jessica runs her own successful photography business with specialized custom photo shoots, photo journalistic assignments, as well as professional media event coverage, like the Inland Empire Spirit of Entrepreneurship Awards. She is Director of Photography for and creator of MompreneurBarbie. She spent her “Covid-time” as consultant for the Beatink Lounge which included running their virtual operations, social media and hosting the monthly virtual shows. 

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