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Exploring the city of San Bernardino through the eyes of its residents and their stories.


Project Description:

My project aims to combine portraits with interviews to get insight from San Bernardino residents about their day-to-day and perspective on the city. My initial goal was to extend a previous portrait series that focused on approaching people walking in the downtown area and striking up a conversation about their day. I would hand out water bottles as a way to engage with them, which would lead to a conversation and request for a portrait.

The majority of those previously involved were homeless individuals, which pushed me to rework the project around SB residents as a way to expand the project without the negative associations of only focusing on this particular group. I didn’t want to be exploitative, so I was able to rework it in a way that distances away from a focus on "homelessness," and instead treat them as residents and members of our community. Some of the questions I would like to reflect on/address would be on finding out what binds/connects us as San Bernardino residents. Get insight into what our residents feel are some major issues impacting our city, and what keeps them connected/rooted to SB. 

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