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Grant #106580 to Brent Solidarity Fund


Grant #106580

Submitted by shaunApproved by Reuben L Ross

Nov 7, 2022

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Good evening, 

I am currently experiencing many financial issues, which I am not able to resolve while being on Universal Credits £243 monthly benefits; as well, I am also unemployed and suffer with unacknowledged disabilities. 

I have just discovered your organisation, which helps struggling individuals like myself, afford to pay bills, clothes, and purchase household cleaning items etc. 

I am unfortunately suffering the same issues as many other people, with the rising costs of energy and groceries; which has now put me in a terribly grave position.

I also suffer with untreatable skin disorders, which affects my mobility, motivation; and going out can cause me terrible anxiety.

Please could the solidarity fund help me with £100? Or £50, as it says on the webpage. This would go towards my fuel bills, household cleaning products, clothes, groceries and much more; thank you. 

Kind regards,


Shaun Graham
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Brent Solidarity Fund is no longer open for applications or for donations from November 2022

The admin team is in the process of winding down Brent Solidarity Fund, as we are not able to keep organising the fund ourselves and we have not been able to find a new administrative team able to keep it open on the same open basis. If you are struggling financially and live in Brent, we recommend that you get in touch with Advice for Renters, who may be able to help:


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