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May's Money
Published on June 8, 2021 by Jess Stacey

Hi everyone,

I hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather! After an amazing fundraising effort from Brent Mutual Aid groups, we had a fair chunk of money come in during May, but mostly as a series of mysterious transfers: this message is to give you a sense of where it's coming from.

£300 came from our monthly donors: thank you SO MUCH to all of you, the backbone of the fund.
£1000 came from Brent Council when the fund was running low - thank you so much to the Council for their continued support for the fund.
Two Mutual Aid groups ran running challenges to raise money for the fund. You can see some photos of the Mapesbury Runners here on our fundraising page:
... and you can see a report of the Kensal Brent Border Run on the blog page of Brent Mutual Aid, here:
Finally, last month, Adi proposed to Lindsay, who organised the Kensal run. Part of Adi's proposal was a secret donation to the fund, in Lindsay's name. CONGRATULATIONS to Adi and Lindsay, and thank you so much for spreading the love!

All the best,
Jess and the BSF team.