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Update and Thanks! April 2021
Published on April 1, 2021 by Jess Stacey

Brent Solidarity Fund has been up and running for six months and we wanted to share where we’ve got to. 

First, a massive thank you to everyone who’s contributed money to the fund and done fundraising for us! Without you, we couldn’t exist. 

If you’ve donated money to the fund before and you’re able to set up a recurring contribution, please do so, and please tell your friends and neighbours! We rely on donations, and having a dependable amount coming in every month makes it much easier for us to plan. 

You can set up a recurring contribution here. We suggest an hour’s wage per month.

We’ve raised and distributed just over £10,000 so far. Of that, £5000 came from Brent Council – thank you to them for helping us kickstart the fund, making sure that the fund was accessible to those who needed it. 

We also received over £1000 from the London Solidarity Fund Federation winter fundraiser - thank you to them for welcoming us into their group.

We want to say a huge thanks to Diane from Dudden Hill who organised a socially distanced fundraising walk for us just before Christmas, and to everyone who donated to the fund to sponsor her. 

And thanks to our own Daniel Susser, one of the organisers of Brent Solidarity Fund, who undertook a terrifying 10,000 sponsored kettlebell swings and raised £800. 

Finally, a massive thanks to Kieu-My of BOM Pure Asian Food who’s organised an online cooking class to support Brent Solidarity Fund, and who has also donated proceeds from the 9Kitchens Project.

We’re so grateful to everyone who’s put some money into the fund. The success of the fund would not have been the same without your help. Thanks for your invaluable support. 

The fund is only as strong as its contributors – your support is vital! 

The number of grants we’re giving out is increasing every week and in order to continue to support these applications we need your donations. Please reach out to friends and neighbours who can also contribute. Once again, thank you for all your support.