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Open Collective
New Logo!
Published on January 7, 2023 by Sawyer/Saoirse

Howdy Folks!

BKTC is stoked to debut our rad new logo! Check out this incredible artwork by longtime Brooklyn Transcore family, Cristy Road! Cristy did a lot of the original BKTC art around ten years ago, and it's an honor to collaborate with her again in 2023! 
Check out her iconic art and her legendary "Next World Tarot" deck at CROADCORE.ORG
and on Instagram @croadcore

And you can check out Cristy's stellar pop punk telenovela  "Choked Up" at or on Insta @chokedupnyc !

And don't forget to RSVP for the all ages meeting and show on January 11th and the all ages accessible acoustic showcase January 13th! ...And did you, hear? BKTC is taking over C'mon Everybody the night of January 19th! See y'all there!

Before we sign off, we wanted to say--thank you everyone for the continued support! We are so proud and fortunate to be a decade-old transgenerational trans punk organization! This vital community brings together trans and gender dissident punks from their tweens to their seventies and beyond! When we all are able to gather to sing and dance and share together, we break out of the cycle of survival where us oppressed people often find ourselves stuck.  It is through our collective joy that we begin to create the life of abundance we want to share! Thank you for being a part of this!

With a lot of love,
the BKTC crew