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Open Meeting Notes 3/15
Published on March 31, 2023 by Sawyer/Saoirse

Greetings everyone!

First off, apologies for not posting the February notes!  We had a great meeting that month at Bluestockings, and much was discussed--but the notes got lost in the mix--our bad! Still, It was a good, productive time! We had a vegan meal, around 60 attendees, and a lively meeting!

We had our next meeting on 3/15 at the Brooklyn Community Pride Center--Crown Heights!  New space, but same format!  We also had local organizations Brooklyn YAS and CAMBA come through and share their services with our BKTC crew!  Thanks for having us! We had a ball!

Here's the notes for 3/15:

BKTC Meeting March 15 
Introductions, welcome everyone.  
Ground rules 
reading the mission statement 
Alexandra giving Ground Rules 
  1. Treat each other with respect (consent/cleaning spoace) 
  2. One speaker at a time 
  3. We employ a progressive stack we center voices of oppressed people 
  4. time keeping: limit comments to 3min or under  
  5. how can you get involved, shoot us an email, reach out, etc. 

Contacts and committees

If you would like to work on a project or work together on mutual aid, we can together in groups, whether it’s specializing in crowdsourcing or cooking a community meal. The BKTC has a forum through which people can reach out. Hit up our Insta, our info is on our link tree


Thanks to Paige for cooking

Throw out your trash, want to keep it how you found it


Punk Island

15th year, annual all day all ages all free punk festival

Intercommunities of the DIY venues,

June 18th, no confirmed location yet. If you want to play, you need to apply (on punk island Instagram). There will be all ages fundraiser matinee.


Hazel (unintelligible screaming)

Apr 23rd all ages matinee at Purgatory to raise funds for the stage. All ages events are something Purgatory is trying to do. Start spreading the word so we can turn out

 If you have any ideas for contributing to the fundraiser (contributing food or mutual aid, etc.) We are looking for a grill-parent, Paige can’t do it all, if someone else can grill on that day. 


Second show for fundraising by Ev

Adult Mom show (Dilators/crushfund/miabyrne)

We are trying to really show up for this, there has been interest in building flyering teams, street teams to help promote the show and put up flyers. 

 Adult Mom is a big ass band, and they played the BKTC stage like 10 years ago, so it’s like a coming home to some extent. 

To show the culmination of who we are and what we do. 


Talking about cop city

The Dilators music video, get people to send links that we can share in the description so that links to how people can support are all included in the description for the video.

Stop Cop City New York is an organization that we are not directly working with, but if people have been involved, let’s try to join forces in whatever way we can. 

Trans people of color are at the forefront of all liberation movements, and we need to bring all our efforts together to 



Youth Against Substance Misuse


We have lots of resources at the back, and we work with other organizations, we also bring together other orgs and resources at the table as well. They have Harm reduction resources and can help distribute and get you hooked up if you want to table harm-reduction kits at venues and shows.



Open Collective

how we get all our funding for our shows and etc. thats the main way that we get money, and you can donate through there, which has a point in our link tree. Open Collective makes us legit, certain tax rights, and it allows us to make transparency for our funds so that everything is all posted in one place.   

If you have any questions for Open Collective, or anything you need an invoice for or if you haven’t got paid for anything, then reach out to Evan, and they can get it all sorted for you.



How we should be writing our agendas. You have to message us directly, because we can only send you an invite. You can literally send the word “lumio” to us in a message, so that its technically a private invite that is accessible to anybody who asks for it.

Now we have an invite link and a view the page link.

We’re all learning. 

Fundraising update and financial report

We’ve had a lot of shows lately, largely successfully, money periodically trickles in around meting and shows and outreach, but we’re in a bit of a low wave right now. we have a bit over 2k in the bank account right now. It’s been up and down, which is the point,m because we’re not here to make money. But it’s in our best interest to spread that open collective link, send to people who are more upwardly mobile, or someone who is trying to do corporate matching (just send them our way), all dontions are tax deductible.
If people wanna do fundraiser shows or do solidarity bingo or something to try and raise funds for BKTC, that would be helpful. lets not let it be any one person’s problem, we all gotta work together on this. 

For self-defense training

were going to work with this one organization, and hopefully in the future they will organize a self-defense training session specifically for BKTC


They will be coming next meeting. 

We do this because we want to, thanks so much for taking time for coming, thanks to the brooklyn community pride center, and to YASS, 

Delegating Roles for the next meeting Apr 15

Facilitator = Alexandra [email protected] 347-837-3183
Stack-keeper = Carmen 

Time-Keeper = Dorian  (862) 259 0563
Note-Taker = Jael (561) 6135157 

Cook = any contribution to prep = Jael

Once this meeting is done, lets leave the room the way that we found it.  


Open Discussion now 

We can sit in a circle if we want,  if you want to speak, raise your hand, and the you’ll be put in stack and then it’ll be your turn. Progressive stack, those who face more intersections of oppression will be centered the discussion.  


Soren, Hazel, Liz, Amber 



DJ at MoodRing 7-10pm 

Announcement about drag story hour defense. If you wanna get involved, reach out to soren after. 



this Friday at 1030pm Halloween never ends, fundraiser for the Atlanda Solidarity Fund. 50% proceeds will be donated entirely to ASF 

Let’s raise as much money as we can. Also that same night, there is a fundraiser for Spectre Journal, also Whoopsie Wednesday is tonight, and Alexandra is also performing there 



I’m from the quaker we have lots of space, two huge Churches, if you want to organize an event 

I want to organize better with seniors, lets try to connect all the seniors together connect with me so I can connect. 

We’re also organizing a zine-fest 

Some teens that hang around our church are trying to find a sex-educator  

Also, Rikers has changed how it changes trans people in general. There are people doing visits to Rikers, if anyone would like to join forces let’s talk.  



I have a show March 16th Tomorrow Secret Fort 9pm 

Also I’m looking for someone who has a drum kit who might have a practice space. Also I need to charge my ihpone if anyone has a chord right now.  



March 19th TV Eye Fundraiser for friends’ top surgury 

crush fund and eevie echoes and etc. 

I’ll also be seeling T4Tapes at that show. 
also BlixWorld (w/ Nora from CrushWorld) we put on shows for people who don’t play shows that much, and were all trans.  



We have annual LGBTQI art contest, each person who signs up will get a compensation, rebirth is the theme. Ask us for more details about what you can submit. Its ages 18-26 

Gender Euphoria make-up workshop, and a makeup brand for gender-queer and gender-variant folk. The next one is in May, but then in Aug we will have our first annual Trans make-up workshop, specifically for trans people. We have trans makeup gurus who will come in and teach. you also get to take home makeup from the workshop 



Pretty Pretty theyre doing two shows tomorrow in Manhattan 630 and 830 

Billionaire Recipes instagram 

musical theatre comedy acoustic, about the economic history of New York, you can also use a discount for it. Also I will be playing at the Spectre Fundraiser  


The person from the space thanks us for being there 



play in a punk band called the Bum Babies, next one on the 26th at HartBar, then that Wednesday (29th)we’ll be playing acoustic, also featuring Nora from CrushFund 



I’m a baby DJ, looking to collaborate with anyone who has any DJ experience, I’m also getting into drag and would love to start, so come talk to me to help me get into myself, and collaborate.  


Synthpop we are looking for some gigs, we’ve also been doing acoustic versions of our songs. Cover songs and original diddies. Refractory Period.   


Research about groups doing direct help for states in the places that  


And a trans affirming carnival that we are going to have in the summer that will be great.  



In a trans-emo band, called Fucking Freightened, we’re playing on the 25th of March 



Double Plugging the show on the 19th 

Next I’m playing with my new band Pop-Music-Fever-Dream, one of our members is Nicole from uncle pizza, so come to the show on the 21st that we are playing.  



Gender Experts is the opening that happens every Tuesday except the third one, and it’s an open mic specifically for trans and gender non-comforming people, etc. show up at 6pm to sign up. I’m also playing on Friday for the Spectre Fundraiser 



I use he/him pronouns, I wanted to mention my band Timeless clock has a show on the 31st at caffeine underground, but I’m also looking for a violinist for Timeless Clock, if anyone happens to know any.   



Me and Ryan have a show at 420 at HartBar plying with Timeless Clock 



The Dilators are making hot-sauce, its a pineapple habanero, its called the dilator hole-opener, the sauce arrives today. If you wanna support us with some sauce come to me afterwards and we can arrange it. Or if you want your own, lets do it, its through another trans punk in New Jersey. We’re also gonna have shirts so hit us up if you want any. Music doesn’t make any money but TShirts do,  



What do you do if you wanna start a working group, it’s basically like an old school forum start a working group just drop a note and then the thread will be public to the general BKTC lumio page, but to contribute you’d need to join. We can set the visibility to everything invite only, so the level of access/visibility can be determined by the sensitivity of the specific thread. Evan is topping this. 


Posted on March 31, 2023

Thank you so much for the notes!