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Meetup - Holochain Workshop has been archived.

Meetup - Holochain Workshop has been archived and is no longer active.

Meetup - Holochain Workshop

Thursday, June 7, 2018, 7:30 PM - 8:33 PM (UTC+01:00)


“Do you feel like the web is pulling you in a thousand different directions every day? Most of us do. We are pinged constantly by applications whose business models depend upon getting us addicted to their services. This is an internet that stalks us rather than serves us, and it is a side-effect of the way the web works today.

Holochain is a new way of building and running truly peer-to-peer applications that don't require web servers because they operate entirely on the devices of the users themselves, and put people, rather than companies, in control.

As the internet begins to revolve around people instead of companies, what will that make possible?

Moving from Apps as Places to Apps as Ways of Speaking: The internet today revolves around applications. Everyone feels pulled in ten different directions at once as each of these “social spaces” pings us with notifications in an attempt to addict and distract us into spending more time in “their territory.”

Rather than putting each application in the middle, Holochain is “turning the internet inside-out” by putting each person in the middle. This shift towards treating applications not as places, but instead as shared grammars, enables new more vibrant patterns of collaboration. The resulting cross-pollination unlocks innovation and creates communities that learn, adapt and thrive.

Tackling Complexity: Why Holochain is creating an ecosystem, and not just a network.

Today, each of us is pulled in a ten different directions every day. We are pinged constantly by applications whose business models depend upon getting us addicted to their services so that we spend more of our time with them. But this is a consequence of how web applications (and even most "blockchain" applications) are built today.

If the internet revolved around people instead of companies, what might that make possible? Holochain is a new pattern for building not just truly distributed applications but goes beyond that to foster empowering and adaptive software ecosystems.”

Do you want to dive in this new technology ? Join the first Belgian Meetup about Holochain:

19hr30 : Doors open 20hr00 : Introduction & Brainstorming 21hr00 : Q&A session with Holochain Co-founder Eric Harris-Braun in video-call 22hr00 : Wrap-up

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