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What's Poppin'?

Published on July 11, 2022 by Anthony

Welcome to Bubble Pop! Not much going on around here, feel free to let the words flow. I can't say I'll be here to listen to everything but that's why we got each other! There is no "secret formula" to this Collective; write what you want a...


"Bubble Pop" aims to connect a number of different "genres" of people in the real life movement with that of the world wide web. It aims to be a very highly socially-based platform so as to raise awareness of global issues. Some people will never have the assistance or capability to learn the way the new online world works or just the world in general. This is a heart note. "Bubble Pop" aims to notice the great minds that are constantly at work creating behind the scenes, hoping to project their methodologies onto the people who could use their help. Majority of people would also feel sympathy towards these kinds of issues in their own healthy portions. This is why a big part of the "Bubble Pop" Collective is the conversation. Sometimes it's necessary to open up your mind to new concepts and ideas even if that means spending some time doing things that maybe don't seem to fit the "ideal world situation" of the individual. 

*Note: What is meant by "genres" of people is the train of thought they carry themselves on; their belief systems. Everyone has their own ideas as well as their own ways of battling situations for their own security. The belief is that if one could learn to hone those specific skills, learn how to use them efficiently, and learn how to communicate them effectively; it would be ideal for their own personal development as well as the development of the world surrounding them. 

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