The proposed new hub building has been decked as at June 28th
Published on July 1, 2021 by Mary Job

Hi all, first we want to say thank you to all that have gotten us this far. The building has been decked on the 28th of June, downstairs has a total of 9 pillars and a big stairway on the outside that goes up.
Photo documentation of work from beginning till date here:

Conduit pipes for the electrical wires had been laid before it was decked, we hope to be able to begin to lay the blocks for the upper area (without removing the planks as it needs to stay on till July 21st) from next Monday, July 5th.

We are also uploading expenses up to date for this project before tomorrow 2nd July.

We still need all the help we can get, please share our project with your friends to make this new building come to life before our third summer teen camp coming up on 7th August.

P.S: We took photos documenting the works from its beginning, you can see the folder here please: