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These are all the ways you can help make our community sustainable.


Every little helps - we welcome anything you can spare each month. Less than a fiver monthly can help build our fund and keep it sustainable.

Starts at£1 GBP / month

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For the price of a takeaway per month, you can make a more substantial commitment to keeping our fund sustainable - give us a fiver, tenner or twen... Read more

Starts at£5 GBP / month

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Dinner out (fund half a grant)

Swap a dinner out per month and get us half-way to funding a monthly grant for a Cambridge resident in need. Maybe ask a friend to match you, and m... Read more

£25 GBP / month

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New trainers

£50 each month will directly fund a grant for somebody in Cambridge in financial hardship.

£50 GBP / month

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Recurring contribution
FANCY new trainers

£100 each month will directly fund two grants for Cambridge residents in financial hardship, helping make our fund sustainable.

£100 GBP / month

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Super redistibutor

Are you one of the people on high incomes who make Cambridge the most unequal city in the UK? Can you help us even things out?

Starts at£200 GBP / month

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Custom contribution
Make a custom one-time or recurring contribution.

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Jeff Bezos

There's an Amazon Development Centre in Cambridge so you're technically a member of the local business community...?

£10,000 GBP / month


Get one of our lovely, A6-sized glossy stickers for your laptop, window, fridge, or other one hundred per cent legal stickering locations! DON'T FO... Read more

Starts at£2.50 GBP

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