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Open Collective
March update + STICKERS!
Published on March 3, 2022 by mole

Hi everyone,

We hope you are having a good (tolerable? survivable?) 2022 so far. We'd like to thank you for supporting us & making it possible for us to keep giving no-strings-attached financial aid to the people of CB1-CB5. If you can believe it (we can't!), we've now given out around £13,500.

As word spreads about the fund, though, our cash is running down more and more quickly. We opened a couple of weeks ago and managed to stay open for two minutes before all our money was spoken for. Earlier this week we managed six minutes.

As people who already support the fund, we know you're on board with what we're doing. That's why we're really hoping you can help us find more sustainable sources of funding. We've got a few suggested ways you might be able to help:
  • Do you have any contacts in small local businesses who might want to support the fund? Could you pitch it to them (we can help if you can make the intros!)
  • Do you have any ideas for ways to fundraise for us? 
  • Can you put up our flyers or leaflet for us?
  • Can you send us a testimonial about why you donate?
We realise it can be a bit off-putting for business contacts that we're anonymous online. If you want to introduce us to business contacts, we can do phone calls or even in-person meetings for potential donors. We might even brush our hair. 

We've also just launched some COOL STICKERS to attract new donors. But we don't want our existing and previous donors to miss out! We're asking new donors for a minimum donation of £5 in exchange for a sticker. But if you're a regular donor and you're able to increase your regular donation by any amount (even £1!), we'll send you two stickers of your choice. If you've given to us as a one-off before, and you make another one-off donation of any amount, we'll also send you two stickers. Just send us a screenshot of your donation increase and your address (to [email protected]). Here are the designs you can choose from:
Please get in touch about anything - whether that's STICKERS or fundraising ideas - at [email protected], on Twitter @SolidarityCam, or on instagram @camsolidarityfund.

Thank you ✨

tetra & team CSF
Open Collective
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