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Camp Collapse explores future possibilities: what we want, how to get there and how to be ready!


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Camp Collapse is hosting the following events.

Past event

Faire face au changement en affrontant l'avenir!

05:00 PM UTC
Approche interactive sur les problématiques environnementales, sociales et économiques d'un monde...Read more
Past event

Out of the Box

04:15 PM UTC
We're playing a test run of the negotiation game "Out of the Box"!

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Camp Collapse explores future possibilities: what we want, how to get there and how to be ready!

We envision a sustainable, responsible and resilient society. Through immersive experiences, we present future collapse as a possible reality and inspire action to reduce its effects.

Inspired by Deep Adaptation, the engaging nature of games and the performing arts, we merge them into creative experiences that take you on a playful journey of discovering what the future could look like. Camp Collapse co-creates different scenarios of that future with you and inspires you to take action to prevent the most extreme of those scenarios from happening by…experiencing them first!

  • Future Scenario Building Workshops
    A group is guided to visualise possible futures through an immersive workshop structure. Facilitated online or offline!
  • Future Immersion Retreat
    Spend a few inspiring days with a group that experiments with Deep Adaptation and co-create a sustainable future together!
  • Camp Collapse Live Action Role Play Camp
    Take part in a Live Action Role Play and survive a future that didn’t succeed in dealing with Climate Change in time!
  • Interactive Performances
    Attend theatric plays and artistic performances that take you on a journey through a multiverse of possible futures!
  • Onboarding Game Nights
    Play a variety of board games with us, themed around sustainability and collaboration!

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