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7.0-alpha.2 release, GIC 2022 presentation, zillion of usability improvements, working on physics
Published on October 11, 2022 by Michalis Kamburelis

Hello Open Collective supporters!

A quick recap of various important things that happened lately around Castle Game Engine:

  1. We did engine 7.0-alpha.2 release! New components (lights, primitives, fonts, sound…), new cameras, terrains, sprite sheet editor, Delphi compatibility and much more. We are heading for big official 7.0 release at the end of 2022!
  2. Last Sunday (October 9th, 2022) I had a presentation about CGE at the Game Industry Conference . I think it went really great. The slides and movies from the presentation are here.
  3. Since the 7.0-alpha.2, we already had a lot of improvements. Usability (better tools, no hierarchy reloading), easy shadows by a checkbox, easy reusing of designs (a bit like Unity prefabs). Read all the details in our news
  4. We work on physics components - rigid bodies, colliders, joints. Watch the teaser.
Note: For now, we do not keep regularly posting news on the OpenCollective page. If you want to hear all CGE news as soon as they happen, follow our blog on to read ~weekly news about CGE.

We also regularly post new videos on our YouTube channel.