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Castle Game Engine News
Published on November 30, 2021 by Michalis Kamburelis

Hello OpenCollective supporters!

We don't (yet) repost Castle Game Engine news regularly on OpenCollective, so let me just make a summary of our recent endeavors :)

  • We're busy finishing Delphi port of our engine. See recent news.
  • Recently I made a presentation about Castle Game Engine on DelphiCon 2021, you can watch it now.
  • Along with Delphi port, comes also integration with Vampyre Imaging Library (for both Delphi and FPC projects).
  • I'm finishing now a cool new feature - real-time game inspector. Screenshot below :)

You can read (and subscribe to) all the Castle Game Engine news on our Wordpress.

And you're welcome to talk to us on our forum or Discord. You can also contact me (Michalis Kamburelis) if needed, using OpenCollective contact or just drop me an email (michalis AT

Upcoming new inspector: