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Collaborative Finance: Bootstrapping Local Networks


What the real economy needs is understanding that money is much more than a token, but a relationship, a promise, an agreement, a contract. Help us co-organize a conference on monetary economics, in particular the credit theory of money.


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Collaborative Finance is about reducing business risk, localising trade, shortening supply chains, and directing credit to where it is needed. But it requires collective thinking, and organising.

That's why we're calling local economy organisations of Europe to the Commons Hub in Austria to spend time sharing what works, and to explore what is possible with new technologies. 
We are now focused on how to build local business networks which provide concrete benefits to their members. That's why the conference for 2024 will be called Bootstrapping Local Networks. We want to talk about how to build local networks that stand the test of time, in terms of decades and not quarters, and to introduce deeper collaborative instruments such as: 
  • management of cash along the supply chain to ease cash flow issues faced by businesses;
  • building resilience by localising the supply chain;
  • identifying investment opportunities;
  • cushioning instability by spreading risks and rewards in the community;

You can learn anything on YouTube, talk to everyone on zoom, but to build trust you need to be in the same space. The Commons Hub wants to be that space! Our last conference was highly praised for the spirit of collaboration we fostered!
By contributing to the project, you will also be invited to talk about your work, your priorities and the reality on the ground. We'll invite your responses to our ideas too, and we'll feed all that knowledge into the conference immediately after, which will have a strong software focus.
Join us there and let's create the new soil of collective action and nourish new saplings of collaborative finance!


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