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The solution to the Climate Crisis will not only be technological. We also need activism and we also need to rebuild our local communities to become more resilient to face this crisis.

But technology can help. The Climate Crisis Collective aims at financing the development of open source projects that movements for the climate around the world need to organize and to raise awareness.

So far, we financed the Digital Strike for the Climate (, the RebelsManager (, and we are currently working with Fridays For Future and Extinction Rebellion to identify what else they need to grow their respective movements.

Our goal is to eventually provide the Wordpress / GitHub that every local group needs to organize around those issues. Wordpress has played a key role in the explosion of blogs. It made it easy for everyone to start a blog. Now we need to make it super easy for every local community to organize to raise awareness around the climate crisis. 

We also use the GitHub analogy because today most initiatives for the climate feel like open source software before Github, each in their own corner with their own way of doing things. It makes it very hard to discover them and to contribute. GitHub solved that by creating a common interface for everyone. However, to be resilient, we also want to make sure that those communities can operate in a decentralized way without having to rely on a centralized infrastructure.

Please reach out to use if you’d like to contribute to this effort.