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Open Collective
2023 November update
Published on December 8, 2023 by Erik Nordberg

(David Fifield) The number of simultaneous users of the snowflake-01 bridge remained stable at about 30,000 during November 2023. This is still down from a recent high of about 50,000 in early September, before a technical problem with rendezvous temporarily stopped Snowflake working for many users.

Bandwidth increased from about 20 TB to 25 TB per day.

The mix of countries with the most Snowflake users is the same as usual: Iran, then the US, then Russia, then China. As usual, we suspect that a large fraction of the users attributed to the US are actually from Iran. The min/max estimates of the number of users per country are currently still fairly imprecise because of a Tor bug. That bug has now been fixed in the Tor source code, and we expect the fix will be available in a released version in the future.