A modest attempt to address inequality in the Art & Music industry and support disadvantaged creators


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Support the following initiatives from CGRU.

Covering Expenses for ex-Artists and Labels
provide education and conduct research into cybernetic philosophy and grunge values
dev + sales of synthesizers and electronic devices to help fund CGRU
Develop a website to provide free hosting & resources for artists and the public


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Claire C. Computer has been added as a collective Admin! We also welcome Alyx as Core Contributor to our OpenCollective page! thanks guys for joining :)
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Published on January 10, 2022 by Elucidated Voyyd


$~ CGRU is a collective of ex-Artists seeking to promote Cybernetic Philosophy and Grunge values through criticism and analysis of the dying Art and Culture industries. We explore post-apocalyptic alternatives that benefit society by building new forms of community and creative expression. We are largely founded by some poor, trans and disabled Communists and freaks. 

Mutual Aid CGRU allows interested allies as well as Ex-Artists to contribute to our mission. The Art and Music industries are scams, and some of the most inequitable spaces to work in. A tiny number of Artists make a living on their work, while most Artists struggle to get by. We are stronger together. 

Sponsorship Through Open Collective Foundation, we operate as a non-profit and offer funding and support whenever possible to disadvantaged Ex-artists. This means assistance with publishing, supplies and help with emergency expenses. 

Platforms CGRU operates, a Free and Open Source website which offers a platform for Ex-artists and Ex-musicians to share their work and connect with others, as well as news, resources, educational material and web applications. We work with other collectives and projects to further goals we have in common. 

Getting Involved If you think our goals are similar please reach out to ellie who manages most accounts and logistics. You can get involved by contributing work, (volunteer or paid, depending on budget), contributing to our Collective's fund, promoting us and our work.

We believe that Art is an inherent good to society and are disgusted with the commodification of art and music - however, we also recognize that many artists for various reasons can't do other forms of work, are economically disadvantages and marginalized, and therefore, reluctantly rely on monetizing their art to get by. However, the categorization of artists as "gig workers" or "entrepreneurs" still doesn't sit well with people who are primarily concerned with producing culture and doing creative work. We are not businesspeople, we are creative workers that want to build community and contribute to society. We hope to subsidize artistic activities on a small scale - independent labels, individual artists, and others.

$~ ex-Artists: for now, we offer hosting of music on We will be offering more ways for ex-Artists to contribute soon in a wider array of multimedia formats, including providing funding for CD and cassette releases and support for artists working in visual media.

$~ "Makers" & Engineers: We have a relatively well-established Etsy store as SEELEofficial. All proceeds benefit CGRU, and the store is used by any collective members - it is a bit modelled like a thrift store that gives proceeds to a charitable cause. We have a good record of sales and 5-star reviews, plus exposure to around 1,000 people a month.

$~ Programmers: We are always looking for help with integrations and applications. Ellie manages the github, which is kind of a mess... but the CGRU fund is always looking for help from freelancers. 

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Credit from Claire C. Computer to CGRU

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