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Published on May 10, 2023 by Elucidated Voyyd

I have added some new features to the website, they have been deployed for a while but i'm putting this in the updates because i've been lazy about posting updates.

Some of the new features are:
- Image Galleries
- Uploading multiple files at once
- Uploading plain text for poetry or prose
- Uploading videos
- Automatic thumbnailer fixed
- a few new apps including Lofi-JPEG generator and Sprite Editor
- improved (?) interface and better load times

We also can celebrate now having over 300 albums hosted on the site!
Thanks to all the contributors of music and art.
Hope to see the site continue to grow.

Some things I am looking forward to working on include:
- Making a simple Forum from scratch for posting richtext, tutorials etc
- Improving custom profile/artist pages
- a shop for the site that sends funds to our OC account

We'll see what comes in 2023.
Life is pretty stressful but creativity and art makes it all worth it.