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Christopher Hogan



Your business without a strategy engine:                             
10%    ███▒▒▒▒▒▒▒                 

Your business with a strategy engine:
110%  ██████████|█

TLDR; Get yourself a strategy, engine.
0.9 is coming.

I am an analytical polymath who is curious, and [very] creative.

 I've been a business technology consultant, with a full stack, ultra-broad purview into open source & digital ecosystems since long before the new millennium.  I'm 38 and hungry! 

I've operated successful startup companies (i.e.- profitable) since I was 14 years old.  At that age I created Velocity Internet.  Eventually I sold the intellectual property to CMS, Inc (1999).  In this video by KGUN9 news in Tucson, AZ, four years after my first company was sold, I am featured as
a key developer behind the branding concept that became NextWest:

I advanced quickly to many different roles during the bubble, exploring web dev, graphic design, PHP, Perl, Python, Java, and even systems administration.  Over the last 20 years I've achieved a ton, particularly with Docker container orchestration,  but I'm just barely getting started!

Recent Achievements:
* 2020 Pioneer award for the advancement of a company-wide digitization and security initiative. (Cisco)
* Cisco Stack Overflow moderator, one of six cloud SMEs company-wide. 
* Operated the largest container PaaS based on Rancher 1.6 in the world from 2016-2020.  At peak, over 2M containers.   Cisco doesn't want me anymore, it was too complex a romance. ;)

What do I specialize in?
I create opportunities, connect people, and acquire vast stockpiles of business intelligence.
I  build business and go-to-market plans, conduct competitive analysis, and engineer brands from the ground because it's fun.  I also like trying to find major security holes in open source code.

If you found my profile and are wondering why, it's not telepathy.  I specialize in BI, and I mostly reach out to people I would like to connect with.  I'm sure there is a reason. :)

For years I've worked primarily with high-availability (HA), hybrid-cloud (HC) software deployment pipelines using a distributed microservice architecture, and more recently GitOps + Serverless + Kubernetes. 

Regarding Customers
My clients over the past five years have been mostly Cisco engineers and they were rarely easy to please.  Before that, for eight years I owned and operated a web development company, and those clients were even more challenging.  I would say it has become more apparent lately that it is far more rewarding keeping people happy when you own or at least are highly vested in the technology they depend on day-to-day.

Let's just say I'm good at keeping people happy when it counts.  I work great under pressure, and that's what starting a new business is all about.  It's something that is always going critical, with new emergencies cropping up every few hours until it has stabilized.   While seemingly incomprehensible at first glance... the deeper you look the more you begin to see finite patterns that unmistakably resemble creation.
Enter Full Stack Engine: Stack Ops:  Engineer Optimized Product Class <coming very soon />