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Circulate promotes a community sharing economy through mutual aid pop-ups.


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 Circulate promotes a community sharing economy through mutual aid pop-ups that enable urban dwellers to exchange, borrow, and lend infrequently used goods (primarily clothing) reducing the burden on their wallet, storage, and planet.

Circulate recognizes that everything we need is already in our community and individuals can promote a circular economy by sharing resources and developing community through those shared objects.

The Free Store philosophy is that there are more than enough goods to go around and scarcity should not be an issue. 

Living an urban social life under our current sociological, economic, and political systems pushes us toward individualist and consumerist living. Embracing circular practices enable us to create connected communities and survive hard times together. Building community is imperative to our survival and resilience.

We ultimately want to highlight and support your free store. We hope to provide resources through a free store map on our site to consolidate and make this information accessible to all. Submit a free store to our map here.
This project is a part of the Prismatic Social-Innovation Fellowship funded by a grant from the United States Department of State. 

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