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Open Collective

Civic HackHER Initiative

Shining light on women using data and tech for social change.

We are honored to have been in conversation with so many women who are strategically and tenaciously tackling systemic issues that harm not only marginalized, directly affected persons, but entire communities where injustice and inequity stifle the potential to thrive as a whole. The insights and lessons that these women have offered (and continue to offer) are invaluable.  Year round, we shine a light on the work of the Civic HackHER; from ending homelessness, to measuring the entire U.S. court system, to empowering workers, and improving global health

We will continue to promote their work and their stories via the videos, podcast, and blog articles we produce. We are inviting community members to support this important nonprofit media niche by setting up a monthly contribution of $5 or more. Our goal with this campaign is to gain 100 supporters who contribute on a monthly basis.
We are looking forward to featuring more amazing women in the upcoming season of The Civic Hacker Podcast. Contributors who set up a monthly Civic HackHER donation of any amount will:
  • - help cover the cost of producing the episodes featuring these women
  • - be acknowledged with a shout-out during one of the new episodes
  • - receive our sincere gratitude! 

Thank you for your support.


Goal $500 USD / mo.


$500 USD / mo. goal