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Life Hacker based in Brazil. Engineer of things. Creator of Milligram.io and Airform.io



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Hi there,

I’m CJ Patoilo and over the years I've contributed to the design and developer communities by creating free open source projects.

​I love open source! ❤️

I actively maintain 70+ open source packages which are downloaded million times per month and all my code is freely accessible on GitHub.

Here are some of the projects I maintain:

- Milligram: A minimalist CSS framework.
- Airform: Functional HTML forms for Front-End Developers.
- Chalkboard: Share your code and collaborate with developers around the world.
- Rasper: Node.js parse argument options make ease.
- BannerCLI: Create a banner comment from package data.
- Initify: A meaningful Open Source Boilerplate – it's a piece of cake!
- Marshmallow: README Parser – easy as marshmallow!

Who’s using my projects:

- The Node.js Foundation: Kicking off a series of global events bringing together local Node.js developers around the world.
- Phoenix Framework: A productive web framework that does not compromise speed or maintainability.
- BEM: Methodology that helps you to create reusable components.

If you or your company use any of my projects or like what I’m doing, please consider sponsoring me so I can continue maintaining and evolving all my projects and new ones.

Thanks for the support! 🙏🏻