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CJ Patoilo

Life Hacker based in Brazil. Engineer of things. Creator of and



Hi there,

I’m CJ Patoilo and over the years I've contributed to the design and developer communities by creating free open source projects.

​I love open source! ❤️

I actively maintain 70+ open source packages which are downloaded million times per month and all my code is freely accessible on GitHub.

Here are some of the projects I maintain:

- Milligram: A minimalist CSS framework.
- Airform: Functional HTML forms for Front-End Developers.
- Chalkboard: Share your code and collaborate with developers around the world.
- Rasper: Node.js parse argument options make ease.
- BannerCLI: Create a banner comment from package data.
- Initify: A meaningful Open Source Boilerplate – it's a piece of cake!
- Marshmallow: README Parser – easy as marshmallow!

Who’s using my projects:

- The Node.js Foundation: Kicking off a series of global events bringing together local Node.js developers around the world.
- Phoenix Framework: A productive web framework that does not compromise speed or maintainability.
- BEM: Methodology that helps you to create reusable components.

If you or your company use any of my projects or like what I’m doing, please consider sponsoring me so I can continue maintaining and evolving all my projects and new ones.

Thanks for the support! 🙏🏻