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Clipto Team


Cross-platform, community driven Clipboard and Notes app with a focus on speed and productivity



Clipto is a comprehensive solution for convenient and efficient work with notes, snippets, clipboard, files and any other information important for quick access on any device.
The idea of the application is to make it easy, fast and convenient to work with any text and binary data, regardless of the platform where you use it.

Therefore, the application allows not only manual creation and editing of notes of any complexity, but also automatic, using all available methods on the specific device:

  • Clipboard tracking
  • Contextual actions
  • Notification actions
  • Share actions
Most of the functionality is based on user feedback and is improved by following this rule.

Key features
  • Instant sync across all platforms (Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and Web. iOS version is still in progress)
  • Fully offline work and ability to sync instantly when internet is available
  • Supports Universal Clipboard (Copy content on one device and Paste on another)
  • View and Edit notes in variety of formats (Plain Text, QR code, Text with clickable links, Markdown, HTML, Text with copied lines, Text with copied tokens, etc.)
  • Highly flexible and customisable interface with configurable fonts, text sizes, sorting rules, view modes
  • Very simple and fast search of your notes by any content with highlighting of the results
  • Attachments of any type
  • Fast navigation with one click
  • Community driven
  • No-Ads
  • Free