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Open Collective
What's new with the CMEG DEAI committee and fund?
Published on December 1, 2021 by katie slivovsky

Hi CMEGers--

THANK YOU for your continued support and interest in this fund!

The DEAI committee, as part of CMEG, is working to right a huge history of wrongs by centering voices that have historically been underrepresented, silenced, and/or erased in museums throughout Chicagoland.
Because you are helping us build up resources, the DEAI Committee is thinking deeply about 1) how to properly compensate DEAI committee members who identify as part of a group that has experienced systemic discrimination and 2) how to attract a wider diversity of presenters and panelists to CMEG events by potentially offering compensation to those who identify as part of a group that has experienced systemic discrimination.

The DEAI committee met Monday Nov 23 and we're working on a few things: 
  • drafting a DEAI statement to read at the beginning of every CMEG meeting and event, 
  • drafting a letter to invite any and all CMEGers to donate to this fund and 
  • preparing to attend the CMEG steering committee in January to enhance communication
Thank you!

NOTE: This update was written by Katie Slivovsky, DEAI committee member and co-manager of CMEG's Open Collective fund.  While I tried to adequately represent the DEAI committee's current thinking, it's entirely possible I missed something or misstated something. Feel free to reach out via LinkedIn with any comments or concerns. It's important that we get this right! Many thanks.