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Retrieving Products should NOT be Hard

Just released a new beta introducing a new endpoint to retrieve products. Need feedback if you are willing to test it out. Details are on this blog post.
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Published on September 23, 2019 by Sébastien Dumont


CoCart is a REST API designed to handle the frontend of your WooCommerce store. Control and manage the shopping cart in any framework of your choosing. Powerful and developer friendly, ready to build your headless store.

Why should I use CoCart?

WooCommerce REST API is created with developers in mind, so it can integrate with virtually any service and while it does allow developers to easily create and modify, it is only designed for the backend.

CoCart fills that missing component by giving you access to use the frontend. If you are wanting to build a headless WooCommerce store then CoCart is your missing solution. With the documentation provided, you’ll learn how to build a headless store in no time.


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