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Our Open Source Vision
Our vision for CodeCareer's open-source initiatives is to help budding developers on their journey to landing a full-time position in tech by providing the opportunity and guidance a new developer needs to make their first real world contribution that has a meaningful impact.

Our Why: Save developers time and stress.
How We Do It: Code. Coffee. Curiosity. Empathy. Tenacity.

How We Conduct Ourselves:
- "Why" Focused - "Save developers time and stress"
- No Bullshit - politics, ideologies, pissing contests, cliques, or big egos? Yeet!
- Be Humble - one has a right to be correct; one does not have a right to be an asshole.
- Have Grit - be resourceful, own your portion of the product, ask for help when stuck.
- Embrace Neurodiversity - each person has a unique way of creating solutions and getting work done.
- Fully Async Remote - multiple continents, multiple timezones & yet strong collaboration.

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hacktoberfest--hiring-system MVP

We made solid progress last month on a hiring system MVP. While the project is not ready for production, we are confident with some TLC from CodeCareer's core contributors we can push this project over the finish line.
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Published on November 15, 2020 by Benjamin Spak