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New Leadership and Vision 2020
Published on November 1, 2019 by Gregory Johnson

Hi backers,

We appreciate your support of Code for Miami.

Recently we elected 2 new brigade leaders - Livio Zarnardo and Gregory Johnson.

With this comes the stepping down of our 2 former leaders who carried Code for Miami for the last several years - Julie Kramer and Danielle Ungermann.

What's happening next?

  • Legal: We have worked towards reinstating the corporation and getting non-profit items sorted out accounting wise.
  • Operations: We are forming a board of advisers to help us grow and our slowly working at improving internal processes.
  • Financing: We are rethinking our financing model and still ask of you as backers to support us but will also explore getting City and Enterprise to support our work.
  • Growth: We have some plans to extend staff so we can continue to give consistent work in the civic engagement and technology community for Miamians.

More to come! Again, we thank you for your support and hope to continue receiving it as we grow as an organization.

~ Code for Miami Staff, Greg