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We are building open source software to make a difference in the lives of students and developers.

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Published on June 15, 2020 by Gagandeep Singh

We pay the contributors to our project for two types of contributions based on the quantity and quality of work irrespective of the time spent. We consider only those contributions which are made to our repositories on Github. Payments will...


We are a group of open source contributors working on projects related to various domains of computer science. Some of our on going projects include PyDataStructs, a python package for data structures; BNN, a lite weight deep learning framework with a specialisation aimed for binarized neural networks; adaboost, a C++ implementation of adaboost algorithm with GPU support in CUDA; reinforce, which aims to be a package for reinforcement learning algorithms and researchers would be able to use its APIs for writing their own algorithms.
We also participate in various open source programs and work with budding contributors exposing them to software development pipeline for writing quality code. We have participated as a mentoring organisation in KWoC, GSSoC and similar other programs so far.

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Gagandeep Singh

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