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What the real economy needs is understanding that money is much more than a token, but a relationship, a promise, an agreement, a contract. Help us co-organize a conference on monetary economics, in particular the credit theory of money.


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The real economy languishes unserved while DeFi remains lodged in the paradigm of trustlessness. Since Bitcoin was branded as 'digital gold' this whole field has assumed that money is a virtual commodity created by an alchemy whose failed attempts result predictably in dubious volatile assets at best and scams at worst. 

Meanwhile the mantras against fiat money have drowned out the whole field of innovation, which is grounded in the credit theory of money. 

What the real economy needs, more than ever since 2008, is access to credit. Understanding that money is so much more than a token, but a relationship, a promise, an agreement, a contract. How money actually works in payment, settlement and clearing is essential for creating systems that serve the real economy and decentralised political and financial Power. 

At the Commons Hub in Austria, May 22-28th, we're gathering to focus on projects, technology, infrastructure, theory and strategies for collective provision of money and payment services beyond the institutions we are forced to live under. 


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