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What the real economy needs is understanding that money is much more than a token, but a relationship, a promise, an agreement, a contract. Help us co-organize a conference on monetary economics, in particular the credit theory of money.


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Announcing COLLABORATIVE FINANCE #2, in Banja Luka this summer, check it out and join us!

We need to re-organise work, wages, cooperation, food, community, procurement, health, education, even government. Financial innovation is a critical part of the solution, re-imagining investment, ownership, pensions, money, cooperation, supply chains and resilience. 

There are too many ideas to process, it can be hard to look beyond our specialist bubbles and impossible to coordinate, to agree, to plan. #CoFi is a space for meeting, knowing each other, building trust, cooperation and hopefully, building power. In our first gathering we showcased payment systems architectures, and how credit is created and circulates and extinguished within them. 


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