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we provide a miro seat for individuals who need it on a share cost basis


Transparent and open finances.

-€427.07 EUR
Reimbursement #186266
Contribution #734243
Contribution #481965
Today’s balance

€135.79 EUR

Total raised

€1,653.09 EUR

Total disbursed

€1,517.30 EUR

Estimated annual budget

€580.46 EUR


The MIRO service team includes: 
Keala Young
Aimee Fenech (financial admin)


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Financial Contributions

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The Digital C...

€1,035 EUR

MIRO contributions for 2 seats for colab at cost

Paulo de Carv...

miro seat yearly subscription

€382 EUR

A. Keala Young

miro seat monthly subscription

€203 EUR

Naomi Joy Smith

€84 EUR

A year of miro, well worth it!


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News from miro seats

Updates on our activities and progress.

MIRO colab 3 seats paid at cost

384USD / 5 total seats = 76.80 USD converted and rounded up to EUR 68 per seat + 3 seats = 204€
Read more
Published on January 18, 2022 by Aimee Fenech

MIRO contributions from 2020 before we exchanged to EUR

71.66€ contributions - fees = 85EUR received in 2020
Read more
Published on October 27, 2021 by Aimee Fenech

financial admin for MIRO

I am pleased to finally report that the migration of financial historical data from the DC finance sheet onto Open Collective. Going forward the spreadsheet is no longer necessary as we can use the reporting function from Open Collective di...
Read more
Published on October 27, 2021 by Aimee Fenech