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Reculture Foundation is a non-profit organisation that mobilizes resources for community-led projects committed to regeneration at any geographical scale: local, trans-local, regional, continental or global. Our vision is systemic transformation through culture design to increase neighbourhood-scale resilience and wellbeing, promoting responsible stewardship of ecosystems and other commons.

As part of the transition paradigm, we choose to work from a place of consent rather than dominance.

We focus on supporting trans-local projects to connect bioregions in multi-stakeholder, multi-cultural governance of ecosystem resources. We offer fiscal sponsorship in Europe as a non-profit and public benefit organisation registered in the Netherlands. If you share our vision and are fundraising in EUR and/or seeking grants in the EU, we are available to support you.

You can contact us through Actions / Contact in upper right corner of this page.

Policy Plan for 2020-2021

To facilitate a platform for individuals and organisations to develop trans-local and trans-national regenerative programs / projects on societal transformation, permaculture, ecological conservation, regenerative agriculture, social and for-benefit enterprises, and community development. 

Activities we plan to deploy are the following:
  •  Facilitating grants for grassroots projects who meet our ESG-based criteria; 
  •  Coordinating relationships between social entrepreneurs and at-risk and/or frontline communities facing severe environmental and social crises, focusing on building trust and respect between actors from diverse backgrounds;
  • Mapping social and changemaker networks to identify synergies for impact at the systemic level, promoting neighbourhood-scale resilience alongside global collaboration on carbon drawdown and emissions reduction;
  • Promoting emergency preparedness and climate adaptation strategies;
  • Supporting community-led innovation and enterprise investment, specifically focusing on emotional and network literacy, as well as organizing funds for training in remote working and agile communication skills.

Finances and renumeration policy

The board members work without remuneration. The only compensation that can be charged is a reimbursement of expenses following the guidelines for a Dutch Foundation.

We raise funds through the Open Collective and also charge a fee for services under the Open Collective. These charges are used as funding for the expenses of the Foundation. In order to keep our finances transparent we use the Open Collective site to report all the incomes and expenditures for funding through the Open Collective. Funds collected on behalf of organisations, as well as the tariff and regulation of the usage of the Open Collective can be found under the transactions page.

The annual financial overview of the Reculture Foundation will be published after each financial year at this website. 

[Stichting Reculture Foundation: KvK 78100909, RSIN 861263340, EU Organisation ID E10258074]

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Naomi Joy Smith

Chairperson. Contact me at [email protected]

Nenad Maljković

Core Contributor
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Chairperson. Contact me at [email protected]

Nenad Maljković

Core Contributor
Global regeneration NOW.


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Nikola Buric

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