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We foster regenerative narratives, media, non-partisan civic engagement and education for local/global communication commons and community learning. We are an OCF 501(c)3 sponsored project.


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Our NAAEE CEE-Change Fellows focus on community dialogue and learning towards sustainable green s...

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Communicas Collaborative is a sustainability and communications action research network focused on planning, producing and sharing resources for sustainable development and regenerative change. 

“Communicas” emphasizes the role of communications in regenerative community building, helping to weave new commons movements and conviviality.  Communicas is derived and adapted from the Latin “Communitas,” referring to an unstructured community in which people are equal, or to the very spirit of community (Wikipedia). In 1947, Paul and Percival Goodman published their seminal work, Communitas: Ways of Livelihood and Ways of Life, an inspiring review and prescient projection of the choices we face in the participatory planning and design of free and sustainable communities, re-introducing the notion and role of the “spirit of community” to the realms of professional planning and broader public discourse. 

Communicas Collaborative has evolved from a loose collection of change makers, producers and educators to a current focus on civic and environmental engagement and learning for sustainability.

Our first project as a collaborative is to conduct a community action-learning project as part of the North American Association of Environmental Educators CEE-Change Fellowship, funded through U.S. EPA and the Cedar Trees Foundation.  


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