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Laptops for Learning Crowdfunder
Published on October 5, 2021 by Cat Smith

We want to say a huge thank you to everyone that has donated to our Laptops for Learning crowdfunder. Our heartfelt thanks also goes to Bell Ribiero-Addy for her support of this campaign!

Thanks to your generosity we have distributed 44 brand new chromebooks to school children throughout the recent lockdowns.

"The devices were a lifeline to our families and enabled the children to access their online learning and Zoom check in sessions with their class and teacher. Without them, the children would have been at a huge disadvantage upon their return to school.

We had a 10 year old girl who was not engaging with online learning as a result of no suitable device. After receiving a device from TechAid, she accessed all of the online learning and all of the 4 weekly Zoom sessions with her class and teacher. She made good progress with her learning for the remainder of the time she was accessing school work remotely"

- St Julian's Primary School

We are now closing the crowdfunder, and want to thank you for your kindness, these devices have been life changing for the young families in our communities 💙

We have also launched a new campaign: Smartphones aren't a luxury, they are a lifeline, alongside Millenium Community Solutions. Many vulnerable adults remain disconnected and unable to access vital healthcare services, causing stress and anxiety. We are hoping to raise enough funds to support 100 people with a brand new smartphone and 6 months worth of data and unlimited texts and calls.

Please share widely if you can!

Very best wishes and thanks,
Community TechAid