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Open Collective
A new year!
Published on January 5, 2022 by Eileen King

As 2021 wound down with surging COVID cases and still more police brutality, and 2022 kicked off with a weekend of subzero temps and looming eviction threats, there's plenty to see as a pretty big bummer. Looking back on 2021, though, alongside the despair is deep gratitude: this year, 3200 volunteer hours and $15,000 in donations allowed us to cook and deliver 20,000 meals, plus provide countless other supplies to folks who needed them.

Community Kitchen is deeply grateful to...
  • Everyone who gave their friendship, time, money, gas, garden produce, brainpower, baking skills, and so many other gifts to support our unhoused neighbors and each other. 
  • First Congregational Church for their genuine and gracious partnership ("sharing their space" doesn't BEGIN to cover it!).
  • Deeply grateful to TC Food Justice and Sisters' Camelot for hooking us up with thousands of pounds of organic bread and produce, and to Community Aid Network MN and Calvary Food Shelf and Our Village Reunion for consistently sharing their abundance and being outlets for ours.
  • Deeply grateful to Open Collective (and the folks who set us up with that!) for fiscal sponsorship, and to all of YOU who helped us fundraise our way out of debt this year and continue to make this project possible.
There is so much more we could say about this year, and so much more to do in the new year. Onward, together - if you want to join us in person, each month's volunteer signup gets linked here.

P.S. The image on top of this post is our logo - another joy from this year - frosted onto a cookie! 
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