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Open Collective
Election Day: success!
Published on November 10, 2022 by Eileen King

Tuesday night looked a lot different from usual - since the church we cook from was being used as a polling place, we had to find another way to get food made. For the past two Election Days, we've just picked up pizzas, but it was hard to keep it hot and fresh, and even Little Caesar's gets pricey in large quantities. This year, instead, a team of CK volunteers baked up frozen lasagnas in their homes, and came together to pack them up and distribute them.

This was less expensive than pizza (not to mention a bigger hit with the folks who ate it!), but it still wouldn't have been possible without your financial support. Thank you to all our regular supporters, to folks who chipped in for our Election Day fundraiser, and to everyone who helped get the word out! We were so glad to be able to continue regular meal service uninterrupted.
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