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Open Collective
Fall 2021 updates
Published on September 24, 2021 by Eileen King

Thank you so, SO much to everyone whose financial support has made it possible to keep feeding people. We literally could not do this without you - while the vast majority of food comes to us for free, without cash on hand to buy containers there's no way to get those meals out of the kitchen and into the hands of people who need them. In August, we made approximately 1400 meals for an average cost of 60 cents apiece. 

We also can't do this without volunteer power! There's always room for more hands willing to chop vegetables, put soup into cups, and wrap cornbread. We're going to stick with our current schedule of Sunday produce sorting/prep work and Monday/Tuesday afternoon cooking and packing meals to deliver Monday/Tuesday nights. If the occasional afternoon/evening sounds like something you could do, check out the signup here:

Whether your support comes in the form of time, money, or spreading the word, we sincerely appreciate all of it. Thank you!
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